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About Us

De Ren Tang TCM

We're one of the modern Chinese medicine clinic which provides various services including traditional Chinese Medicine, health care, detox massage, Gua Sha and more.

Our physicians and therapists are Singapore Registered TCM Physician which graduated from TCM University of Nanjing. Our physicians and therapists are very sophisticated in clinical practice, provide outstanding professional medical skills that bring significant treatment effect, published oodles of professional articles and conduct TCM lectures frequently.

De Ren Tang TCM clinic has the excellent quality and unadulterated Chinese medicines. Besides, the clinic is equipped with hygienic and cutting edge medical machines and equipment.

De Ren Tang TCM employees will provide you professional, quality and dedicated service sincerely.

Our Physicians

Our Physicians and Physiotherapist are professionals and are dedicated to Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices.
View our TCM practitioners details, certificates and skills below.